Mission Statement


New Stage Performing Arts is a 501 c (3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to bring new and existing works with inherent social value to the Berkshire community and beyond. Whether it be for adult or family, New Stage’s primary purpose is to present theater that shines a light on thought-provoking topics and leaves the audience a bit wiser for having seen the play.

New Stage believes in nurturing relationships with its writers. From the first draft to the final performance, we give the playwright the support they need to get their work into its ideal form. New Stage invites the audience to view the play’s evolution through each stage of development, and believes that through the audience’s feedback, the playwright is enabled to create a stronger and more powerful piece of writing.

New Stage works diligently to ensure that our productions reach the widest audience possible.  We try to give back to the community with each production we take on, and feel that by creating a work with this in mind, it gives our work a more lasting and meaningful impact.

Above all, we believe in creating exhilarating theatrical works. From drama to comedy, from storytelling to stand up, to puppet shows and pageants, we want to tell stories that matter.